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The SpeedTek RC Receiver Voltage Stabilizer is a small but powerful super-capacitor that stores and releases power to ensure receiver voltage is always stable.


While a BEC regulates voltage to the receiver, it can't perform properly without enough available power. Sometimes a servo or high-power brushless system can draw large pulses of current making the voltage drop and unstable; the result can be glitching, sporadic servo, transponder or gyro performance.


To combat this, the SpeedTek RC Receiver Voltage Stabilizer stores and reserves extra power to be released during these drops. This not only helps reduce the load on the BEC, but ensures voltage remains stable and consistent to the vital components of your system.


The SpeedTek RC receiver Voltage Stabilizer comes pre-wired with leads and a standard receiver plug, ready to be installed into an open port on your receiver. It is compatible with any standard receiver and works with modern 2.4GHz radio systems, as well as legacy 27, 72 and 75mHz systems. 



  • Stores and releases power
  • Provides stable and smooth current
  • Installs in any standard receiver port
  • Comes pre-wired, ready for installation
  • Reduces load on BEC
  • Super low-resistance


Max Voltage:
 Up to 10V (receiver voltage)
Capacity: 4700?F
Lead Length: ~3? (7.6cm)
Connector: Futaba style, male
Weight: 6 grams

SpeedTek RC Standard "Glitch Buster" Receiver Voltage Stabilizer

SKU: SPV-0094
$8.88 Regular Price
$7.99Sale Price
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