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SpeedTek RC IC-Loc™ Red (1/3 oz.) by BSI


SpeedTek RC IC-LOC™ Red is a medium thickness, high strength threadlock that is applied to the threads of fasteners before assembly. Once the SpeedTek RC IC-LOC Red™ is cured, the fasteners are permanently together and cannot be disassembled. SpeedTek RC IC-LOC Red™ will maintain its strength up to 490° F.



Shake well and then apply SpeedTek IC-LOC™ Red to the clean and dry threaded areas before assembling non- plastic parts. Product sets in 10 minutes, with full cure within 24 hours. SpeedTek IC-LOC™ Red is anaerobic and cures in the absence of air, which occurs when a bolt, screw or nut is tightened. SpeedTek IC-LOC™ Red permanently prevents the loosening of threaded fasteners from shock and vibration, while sealing and preventing the rusting of threads. Cured temperature range is -60° to +300°F (-51° to +149°C). Locked fasteners are only removable by heating them to 490°F (254°C). Remove residue with a damp cloth.



1 x SpeedTek RC IC-Loc™ Red (1/3 oz.) by BSI

SpeedTek RC IC-Loc™ Red (1/3 oz.) by BSI

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