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SpeedTek RC heavy duty hardened stainless steel spool fits in all of the HPI Racing Vorza & Vorza S Flux models!


Our Heavy Duty line-up is desined specifically for normal driving and bashing applications.


For drag racing and speed runs use our Lightweight gears.


The high speed spool comes with a 8mm hardened stainless steel spool, hardened steel drive cups, metal shielded bearings and your choice of a heavy duty hardened steel 1mod spur gear ranging between 13-49 teeth.


Photo is for identification only and ARE NOT a photo of the exact speed spool being ordered. Please reference the tooth count.



1 x SpeedTek RC HPI Racing Vorza Flux Models Heavy Duty Speed Spool Complete 46T (JJ Customs Edition)

SpeedTek RC HPI Racing Vorza Flux Models H.D. Speed Spool Complete 46T (JJ Ed.)

SKU: SPV-0345-46
$49.99 Regular Price
$44.99Sale Price
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